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1. Is the installation cost included in the Bunker price?

No, the displayed price is only for the raw product and its delivery to your home.

Our company builds the shelters, we are not authorized to carry out civil engineering work. Thus, we have to call on service providers to carry out the earthworks and pour the concrete slab. These different service providers charge similar but never fixed prices, so we cannot commit to the cost of this operation in advance.

2. What are the administrative authorizations to obtain to install the bunker? Who should do it?

A building permit is required due to the depth the shelter will be buried.

We take care of preparing the file and depositing this act in the town hall.

3. How long does Bunker installation take?

It is necessary to distinguish 3 main stages concerning the installation of our product:

  • The excavation of the land and the installation of the concrete slab. Depending on the service provider with whom we will work, this operation can take between 7 and up to 14 working days.

  • The installation of the shelter, the removal. This operation is carried out in a maximum of 7 working days.

  • Backfilling and connection to water & electricity. This operation is carried out in 2 working days.


4. Regarding air filtration, what happens in the event of a power outage?

In the event of a power outage, our air filtration unit has a backup battery that allows our device to continue to operate while the generator takes over. In the event of failure of this battery, a crank can be operated manually to allow the filtration to continue to operate. This crank is very easy to use and allows the shelter to be aired for 8 hours after only 10 minutes of use.

5. What is the temperature inside the shelter?

The temperature inside the shelter is between 12 and 15 degrees all year round. This makes it an ideal location to consider storing sensitive foodstuffs like a cellar.

6. How long is the shelter guaranteed?

The shelter is legally guaranteed for 10 years but it is built to resist at least 100 years.

7. Where to install the shelter on my land? Is it necessarily installed underground?

The shelter can be installed on new land, in order to build your home above it.

The shelter can also be installed on your land with an already existing dwelling. In this case, we recommend planning an installation in your garden.

It is, moreover, quite possible to install the shelter without burying it, it will still be necessary to provide a concrete slab capable of supporting its weight.

However, we do not recommend this type of "above-ground" installation: it is the thick layer of earth on the shelter that allows the "filtration" of gamma rays by attenuating them in the event of a nuclear incident. Without this layer of protective earth, the rays will penetrate the shelter, endangering its occupants. However, our shelter remains capable of withstanding a conventional, non-nuclear explosion and of filtering toxic products in the event of a fire in a SEVESO warehouse, for example.

8. How many entrances and exits does the shelter have?

The shelter has a main entrance equipped with a hatch with hydraulic cylinders and an emergency exit equipped with a retractable ladder, located at the rear of the living room in the event of a malfunction of the main entrance or of an act malicious.

9. Is it possible to install the shelter on all types of terrain?

No, before any order it is advisable to check the type of land. Thus, no order will be finalized without a complete study of the soil in order to analyze the geology of your land and its constructability. This soil study is the responsibility of the customer, it will nevertheless be deducted from the final price if it reveals a suitable soil for the shelter and the order is finalized. It takes between 500 and 1000 euros for a study.

10. How can the shelter withstand outside air contamination?

Our Bunker has been designed to be "overpressure", this means that the air pressure inside is higher than that of the surface. By creating a positive pressure difference, it is impossible for outside air to penetrate this airtight space. Combined with our air filtration unit, all occupants of the shelter will be protected.

11. What is the filtration capacity of the unit installed in the bunker?

The installed air filtration is equipped with a 99.995% efficient HEPA filter against particles smaller than 3µm. The particles of Covid-19 are in the order of 5µm to 15µm and will therefore be filtered.

12. What is the amount of the deposit to be paid when ordering?

The customer must pay 40% of the total amount when ordering.

13. What are the countries concerned by the delivery?

We deliver and install in France and in the majority of European countries.

We are also able to deliver the product worldwide, but without the possibility of installation, we are currently working on setting up partnerships in several countries outside the EU.

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