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We offer our expertise in the construction and design of fallout shelters to companies in the private and public sector.

In-depth Understanding of Risks

Our specialist team has an in-depth understanding of the dangers posed by atomic weapons and CBRN-E agents. We analyze and evaluate potential threats, with emphasis on mechanical effects of shock waves and radiation, as well as thermal and chemical actions.

Precise Needs Analysis

Each protection project is unique, which is why we carry out a precise analysis of your specific needs. We take into account the characteristics of your environment, the requirements of your infrastructure and budgetary constraints to design tailor-made solutions.

Integrated Project Management

We offer an integrated project management approach to ensure the success of your protection project. From initial planning to implementation and ongoing maintenance, our team ensures effective coordination and transparent communication every step of the way.

Technical Expertise and Innovation

As leaders in the field of protection against nuclear and CBRN threats, our expertise is based on our ability to innovate. We use the latest technological advances and best practices to design robust and effective protection solutions.

Design and Sizing

Our team of specialists in shelter design and sizing masters the most advanced construction materials. We design shelters capable of resisting primary radiation and the mechanical effects of shock waves, while ensuring optimal comfort for the occupants.

Training and Awareness

In addition to our consulting services, we also offer CBRN-E risk training and awareness programs. Our experts provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to deal with emergency situations and effectively protect your staff and facilities.

Committed to Your Safety

At ARTEMIS PROTECTION , we are dedicated to offering superior quality protection solutions, designed with precision and expertise.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that we provide tailored consultancy services that meet and exceed your expectations.

Trust our expertise to protect you against nuclear and CBRN-e threats, wherever you are in the world.

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